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My killer subscription stack for a smooth career

I am always ready for any career challenge with these

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·Apr 8, 2021·

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My killer subscription stack for a smooth career
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I have made many decisions in my life, some I even did unconsciously. There are, however, a few of them I would never forget in my life. One of the most important of them is subscriptions for my career. If I'm honest, I will turn the world upside down to get money to keep my renewal up-to-date for these subscriptions.

I once stumbled upon a post by someone who I describe as a renowned internet marketer on Twitter. As a direct response marketer, Abdul-Qawiyy gives tips on persuading people through the subconscious to buy or subscribe to your digital products. According to him, people won't mind breaking your door to buy from you if you appeal to their subconscious and make them feel uneasiness for not owning your product. I have the same feeling about the subscriptions I have decided to share in this article.

Just by subscribing to the following services, I have become a better writer, actively learning coding to become an amazing frontend developer (who knows, perhaps I might even venture into backend programming), skilled copywriter, a bold fellow ready to take on almost any job role (you'll see why) and even come up with brilliant designs and appealing presentations.


Even English language experts often need an extra eye to check through their manuscripts to ensure there are no errors. And when you are sure there aren't any errors, how about your writing tone? This is where Grammarly comes in handy. I can't even begin to say how much Grammarly has helped me. While writing this article, I am actively monitoring my tone and any grammatical error I might have overlooked and suggested better phrases for any deprecated writing style. There is, of course, the free version of the application for anyone interested in using Grammarly. However, if you must enjoy the huge benefits the software affords, then you'd have to go premium. With premium, over 400 types of checks and features, checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and provides citation suggestions.

Grammarly subscription.png These premium subscriptions come in different packages: Monthly - $29.95, Quarterly - $59.95 and Yearly - $139.95. For me, I like to renew my subscription during a discount offer period, and I get to spend even lesser than $139.95 for greater value. Whichever plan works for you, do well to adopt. Again, how expert do you think you are that you can do all these without the help of an app like Grammarly?

Code With Mosh

Remember this post of me transitioning to a frontend developer? Well, I can make that decision with confidence because I had subscribed to Mosh Hamedani's coding lessons. Mosh is by far one of the greatest coding instructors online. He breaks complex coding classes into simple and relatable modules that help one beginner to a pro-level. I've enjoyed his class so far and can say his full premium course subscription is an absolute steal.

Moshhamedani.png So, if you can't afford the yearly subscription at $249, you can opt for the monthly plan at $29. But there's even something better. Christmas, to be precise, during festive seasons, Mosh Hamedani gifts his subscribers his full course plan for a year for $100. I keep my $100 ready for that every time as it comes once in a year. If you're a programmer looking to add to your knowledge stack or an absolute newbie looking to transition into programming, you should check out Mosh Hamedani's courses.

Many people dismiss copywriting skill, and for those who know the power of spectacular copies and how it makes sales and marketing easy, many outsource it to expert. According to Payscale and, an average copywriter earns between $35k – $65k per year. And if you're still wondering what copywriters do, then check out this post:

“Sell a good night's sleep – not the mattress.”

That should help you see the importance of copywriters. I can't help but ponder on a recent advert by Guinness my wife and I watched recently. After two days of seeing the ad, she said to me,

Do you know I keep thinking of that ad at random and will smile?

Of course, I know why being someone with a digital marketing background, the storyline was just perfect, hence my wife's retention of the ad. And that's the power of copywriting. So I'm guessing you're thinking now "how do I even begin to learn copywriting such that I best even the experts". Don't! Just use by Paul Yacoubian. That's what I use, and it's almost magical. You'll experience firsthand the power of GPT-3 enabled AI to craft absolutely any type of copy irrespective of the digital marketing campaign. It would help if you tried it out. I used it while setting up StoreLoad 's website also. Use the $35 monthly subscription if you can't shoulder the $420 annual subscription plan. You get a 7-days free trial just by signing up.

Coursera Plus

Getting access to more than 3,000 courses online is possible, thanks to Coursera Plus, a package from the foremost EdTech unicorn. Although it offers a $59 monthly subscription plan, with just $499, you get access to Coursera Plus to learn and get certification from different specializations.

Coursera Plus.png Whether you're trying to acquire a specialization in Data Science, Digital Marketing, Programming, Business Analysis etc., Coursera Plus is just the perfect subscription. You also get a certificate of completion after working and passing capstone projects recognized across top industries. I can't even begin to say how much I am impressed with learning several Coursera Plus courses. And yes, I mentioned that I am bold to take up almost any job role because I have Coursera Plus as my backup. I can quickly search through the 3,000+ courses to see what requirements any particular job roles ask for and enrol for the requisite training online.


This is just one of my best subscription plans I renew with smiles. From creating quick and spectacular cards for social media promotion to crafting an attractive pitch deck and many more, Canva is my entrepreneurial companion. If pictures are worth a thousand words, an appealing pitch deck leaves your investors drooling for more. I use Canva a lot for my startup's design needs, and I keep wondering how entrepreneurs/startups coped before Canva's existence.

Canva subscription.png Of course, you can use Canva for free, but to explore its full package, you need to go premium. You can opt for a monthly plan at $12.99 or go for the annual subscription plan for $119.99. The best part is that it comes with a full one free month subscription for you to try out and see. And I must mention that Canva is extremely easy to use, even for a novice in design. Just drag and drop and your designs are ready and even exportable in other formats.

And if I aggregate my combo, I spend $1,327.94 for all my annual subscription. With these subscription stacks, I am always ready for a wonderful career year. What's your killer subscription stack? Please share with me in the comment section.

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